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请阅读并遵守"家長值班守则"!     阅读家長值班守则,请点击这里

The assignment is subject to change. The assigned 'backups' are tentative and could be moved onto future dates.
Please check again for the latest update.
Duty DateFatherMotherDuty StatusNote
12/04/2021 John Donahue张桂双 GuiShuang CarrollAssigned  
12/04/2021张国栋 Guodong Zhang陈立 Li ChenAssigned  
12/04/2021刘璞 Pu Liu石钺钺 Assigned  
12/04/2021 Janet MatthewsAssigned  
12/04/2021 Haijun Zhang Xue AoAssigned  
12/11/2021岑伟儿 John Shum邝慧筠 Hui Jun KuangAssigned  
12/11/2021陈文群 Wen Chen翁钦 Qin WengAssigned  
12/11/2021汪远 Yuan Wang侯珺 Jun HouAssigned  
12/11/2021 James Huang Lin YangAssigned  
12/11/2021 Charlie Chu grace ChuAssigned  
12/18/2021 kenny li Jenny LiAssigned  
12/18/2021 Jooi-Pheng Chuah Sue ChuahAssigned  
12/18/2021 San Hung Kwok Jin LiAssigned  
12/18/2021倪锡湛 Sek Ngai刘青 Qing LiuAssigned  
12/18/2021老智扬 David Lao成佳真 Jia ChengAssigned  
01/08/2022李崇 Chong Li Kema LiAssigned  
01/08/2022蒋兆恺 Kai Jiang叶蕾 Lei YeAssigned  
01/08/2022 Leo Tso Shirley JiangAssigned  
01/08/2022 Bruce Kneller张君 June KnellerAssigned  
01/08/2022任海韬 Gary Ren吴俊英 Emma WuAssigned  
01/15/2022陈时文 Shiwen Chen冯莉 Li FengAssigned  
01/15/2022 JOE You Mei Yun ZhangAssigned  
01/15/2022 Karl Boehringer Lorraine BoehringerAssigned  
01/15/2022周吴军 Wujun Zhou陆慧玲 Huiling LuAssigned  
01/15/2022 Jaime Amador Diana Cortes RubianoAssigned  
01/22/2022 Ming GuAssigned  
01/22/2022 DUSTIN LI YUPING SHENAssigned  
01/22/2022 Nicholas Chiu Diana Lee-ChiuAssigned  
01/22/2022 Huaqian LampaAssigned  
01/22/2022 Nicholas Dantuono Monica LamAssigned  
02/05/2022 yong huang fang linAssigned  
02/05/2022袁旭东 Xudong Yuan於翠 Cui YuAssigned  
02/05/2022林剑航 Jason Lin林燕云 Yan Yun LinAssigned  
02/05/2022 Matthew Schinella庄璐 Lucy ZhuangAssigned  
02/05/2022陈彬 Bin Chen何玉斐 Yufei HeAssigned  
02/12/2022张志军 Zhijun Zhang尹蓁 Zhen YinAssigned  
02/12/2022钟谦 Qian Zhong黄妙华 Rachel HuangAssigned  
02/12/2022刘澍岚 Shulan Liu徐琰 Yan XuAssigned  
02/12/2022吴益跃 Yiyue Wu黄雪 Xue HuangAssigned  
02/12/2022邵亨康 Heng kang Shao杨梅 Mei YangAssigned  
02/26/2022 Bin He Min TanAssigned  
02/26/2022林祥 Xiang Lin林燕榕 Yanrong LinAssigned  
02/26/2022陆辉 Hui Lu孙吉辰 Jichen SunAssigned  
02/26/2022 Siva Sivasingam Yetty HandayaniAssigned  
02/26/2022 Lun Shu Tsoi Shuk Fan CheungAssigned  
03/05/2022 Jiayi Xu Ningrong ZhangAssigned  
03/05/2022 FENG CAI ZHANG SAI HUA CHENAssigned  
03/05/2022YouJun John Yiu Thic LengAssigned  
03/05/2022林李安 Lian Lin徐潇 Xiao XuAssigned  
03/05/2022庄和威 howie zhuang宋政鸿 zhenghong songAssigned  
03/12/2022黄超 chao huang陆红梅 Hongmei LuAssigned  
03/12/2022 Eugene DeSello Eileen DeSelloAssigned  
03/12/2022 Xiaozhao Chen潘明其 Mingfang PanAssigned  
03/12/2022马飙 biao Ma邓桦君 Kite HuaJun Deng Assigned  
03/12/2022 Ernest Santapaola Irina SantapaolaAssigned  
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