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MultiCulture Day - Album 2 of 4 (Nov. 2013)

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  • 06/05/2019 2019-2020 Registration 学年注册
    下学年注册将于6月6号晚上10点开放。提前注册将在7月12日结束. 部分课程名额有限,请大家用下面的链接抓紧注册。如果有问题,请联系校务长曹红 (。 Registration for the next school year will begin at 10pm on June 6. Early registration will end on July 12. Some courses have limited number of seats, please use the link below to register. If you have any questions, please contact the school administrator Connie Cao (
  • 06/05/2019 School Election Committee Announcement 选举委员会公告
    华夏南部中文学校于6月1日下午举行 2019-2020 年度选举:共收到98张选票,赵巍校长以97票高票获得连任。在校董候选人中,廖山漫老师获得90票,于芳获得93票,王珍获得90票,当选董事。
    Huaxia South Chinese School held the 2019-2020 election on the afternoon of June 1st: A total of 98 votes were received, and Principal Wei Zhao was re-elected with 97 votes. Among the candidates for the school board, Shanman Liao received 90 votes, Fang Yu received 93 votes, Zhen Wang received 90 votes. They were all elected as a director of the school board.
  • 05/23/2019 Mind Sports Tournament 智力运动会夺冠
    5月19日,第十届华夏智力运动会在桥水分校举办。来自12所分校的250名的选手参加了19个项目的比赛。华夏南部48名选手在教练李海山,王峻和傅天翼,领队王露生,校长赵巍带领下,勇夺9金,以总分104分首次夺得团体冠军,实现了多年梦想。东部分校和爱迪生分校分别以63分和44分获得团体亚军和季军。赛场上,捷报频传。教练李海山蝉联成人中国象棋冠军,王峻蝉联段位围棋冠军,傅天翼蝉联成人国际象棋冠军。 康嘉怿获三四年级组国际象棋冠军,刘待为获学生中国象棋冠军,刘博文获青少年组国际象棋冠军,王玉兰获学生跳棋冠军,梁正强获九九围棋冠军, 江俊豪和岳文生获升级冠军。我们向选手们表示祝贺,也欢迎更多的学生与家长参与到我们的棋牌活动中来。 On May 19th, the 10th Huaxia Mind Sports Tournament was held at the Bridgewater branch. 250 players from 12 Huaxia branches participated in 19 events. Huaxia South's team of 48 players won 9 gold medals and the team championship for the first time with a total score of 104. The East Brunswick Branch and Edison Branch won the second and third places with 63 points and 44 points respectively.

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